Where to buy Myki? Public Transport Tickets in Melbourne

Where to buy Myki – For public transportation in Melbourne, Australia, a Myki card is required. You may purchase Myki from 7-Elevens, stations, and Google Pay, and then top it up online.

Myki is the payment system for public transport in Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria. It functions similarly to the Oyster system in London.

For international or interstate tourists, however, utilizing Myki may be somewhat confusing. Where can one initially purchase a Myki in Melbourne?

Where to buy Myki in Melbourne

Remember that you cannot purchase or add value to a Myki card on a bus or tram. This information is available on the Public Transport Victoria website. This must be completed previously.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of locations where Mykis can be purchased. Google Pay is the simplest solution for anyone using an Android phone. Thus, you can use your cell phone as your ticket and add value to your Myki account as you travel.

Where to buy Myki? Location of Myki Machines

The second method is to use the Myki machines, which are located at busy train stations, bus stops, and tram stops. They are also seen at Victoria Public Transport Hubs. Inconveniently, it is difficult to tell whether the station will have a machine before arriving.

Consider therefore option three, which is purchasing a Myki from a store. Retail locations with the official Myki symbol and branded equipment sell Myki cards.

Myki Cards at 7-Eleven

However, when in doubt, visit the nearby 7-Eleven. There are several convenience businesses that sell and replenish Myki cards.

After purchasing a Myki card, you must register it online. After that, you can add funds online with a credit card or set it to automatically add funds when depleted.

Where to use Myki

Myki is used on Melbourne’s trains, trams, and buses, as well as buses in other Victorian cities including as Geelong, Ballarat, Seymour, and Bendigo. It is also utilized by certain V/Line train services, especially the Melbourne-Traralgon route.