Ballarat to Melbourne Train : Timetable, Journey Time, etc

Ballarat to Melbourne Train – The train from Ballarat to Melbourne departs every 40 minutes and the trip takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Prices for one-way tickets begin at $15.96. The transportation from Ballarat to Melbourne is an alternative for travelers wishing to return to Victoria’s capital city from the state’s third largest city. … Read more

Melbourne to Darwin Drive & Road Trip: Distance, Drive Time, etc

Melbourne to Darwin Drive – The distance between Melbourne and Darwin is 3,740 kilometers, and the travel time is 39 hours. However, if you turn it into an epic outback road trip, there are some incredible stops along the route. A car trip from Melbourne to Darwin is arduous. It traverses the continent of Australia … Read more

Where to buy Myki? Public Transport Tickets in Melbourne

Where to buy Myki – For public transportation in Melbourne, Australia, a Myki card is required. You may purchase Myki from 7-Elevens, stations, and Google Pay, and then top it up online. Myki is the payment system for public transport in Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria. It functions similarly to the Oyster system in … Read more