Where to buy Myki? Public Transport Tickets in Melbourne

Where to buy Myki – For public transportation in Melbourne, Australia, a Myki card is required. You may purchase Myki from 7-Elevens, stations, and Google Pay, and then top it up online. Myki is the payment system for public transport in Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria. It functions similarly to the Oyster system in … Read more

What is the Closest Country to Australia?

What is the Closest Country to Australia? Papua New Guinea is the nearest country to Australia, not New Zealand. At their point of closest proximity, Papua New Guinea is less than 4 kilometers distant. Australia is the largest country in the world that does not have a land boundary. However, there are numerous misconceptions regarding … Read more

What is a Group of Kangaroos Called?

What is a Group of Kangaroos Called? A kangaroo aggregation is referred to as a mob. As gregarious animals that tend to live in large family groupings, the collective noun for kangaroos is useful. When traveling throughout Australia, kangaroos are surprisingly simple to detect. This is particularly true if you know where to seek for … Read more

When does Spring Start in Australia?

When does spring start in Australia? The Bureau of Meteorology considers September, October, and November to be Australia’s spring months, with spring beginning on September 1. Applying the seasonal notion of the northern hemisphere to Australia does not function particularly well. This is especially true in northern Australia, where the year is typically divided into … Read more