How Many Kangaroos are There in Australia

How Many Kangaroos are There in Australia – It is impossible to get a precise estimate of the number of kangaroos in Australia. The Australian kangaroo population is expected to be around 50 million, based on a compilation of estimates from several sources.

Australia is famed for its kangaroos, but how numerous are they? Unfortunately, there are so many kangaroos in therethat accurate population estimates are difficult to get.

The Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment is one source of kangaroo populations. In order to regulate the harvesting of wild kangaroos, this department maintains kangaroo population statistics. Every year, several wild kangaroos are killed for their flesh or fur. However, the so-called harvesting quotas are based on the population estimate.

How Many Kangaroos are There in Australia : Kangaroo Population Statistics

On the Department’s website, figures are posted as a PDF. The most recent estimates of the Australian kangaroo population for 2020 are based on surveys done in 2019. These surveys indicate that there are 42,756,617 kangaroos in Aussy.

This amount, however, only applies to New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. Other states and regions where kangaroos are not harvested are not taken into account. Non-kangaroo species such as tammar wallabies and euros are also included in the kangaroo population estimate for Australia.

Australia’s Kangaroo Population by State

However, we may attempt to round out the kangaroo numbers by examining the other states separately. According to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning of the Victorian Government, there were approximately 1,942,000 kangaroos in Victoria in 2020.

The AWE estimates that there are around 26,000 Forester kangaroos in Tasmania. Forester kangaroos are a subspecies of the more common eastern grey kangaroos, and they are the Tasmanian species.

50 Million Kangaroos in Australia?

There are no credible estimates of the kangaroo population in the Northern Territory, since kangaroos are not harvested. Given that a large number of giant red kangaroos occupy the Northern Territory’s desert, estimating the total kangaroo population is extremely challenging. However, based on the varied, fragmentary data we do have, it is plausible to assume that Australia is home to approximately 50 million kangaroos.