How big is Tasmania Australia Compare With Other Region

How big is Tasmania? Tasmania has a total size of 68,401 square kilometers. That means Tasmania, the island state of Australia, is somewhat larger than Florida or Sri Lanka.

Tasmania may be the smallest state in Australia, but that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant. The island nation encompasses 68,401 km2, of which the somewhat heart-shaped main island comprises 64,519 km2. Tasmania is the twenty-sixth largest island in the world, while comprising only 0.9% of Australia’s land area.

The land area of the Republic of Ireland is 68,883 square kilometers, which approximates the size of Tasmania. Sri Lanka is 62,732 km2, but Lithuania is 62,680 km2.

Tasmania is significantly larger than a number of European nations; Slovakia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Denmark are roughly two-thirds the size of Tasmania. And adopting the time-honored comparison, how large is Tasmania? Tasmania is roughly three times larger than Wales.

To use a comparison to the United States, Tasmania is somewhat larger than Florida or Wisconsin. In comparison to the rest of Australia, South Australia is 14.5 times larger. The Northern Territory is even larger than Western Australia and Alaska-sized Queensland, the two largest Australian states.

How big is Tasmania? Tasmania’s size vs Population Density

Tasmania’s size is not notable, but its population density is. Tasmania is home to about 540,000 people. Compared to Florida’s population of 21.48 million or Sri Lanka’s population of 21.67 million, the smallest Australian state is essentially vacant.

Almost the entirety of Tasmania’s western region is wilderness and National Park. A significant portion of Tasmania is inaccessible by road. This features the incredibly attractive Wineglass Bay, which is best visited during the Tasmanian summer months if you choose to stroll there in a T-shirt.

However, the distances between the major communities are doable. The road distance from Hobart in the south-east to Stanley in the north-west is 403 kilometers. This is not a direct route by any means, but it should take approximately four and a half hours to travel. Car rental services are offered in Devonport, Hobart, and Launceston. It takes roughly two and a quarter hours to drive from Hobart to Launceston through Ross.

By Australian standards, this distance is relatively short. Sydney to Byron Bay takes at least eight hours, Melbourne to Sydney takes as least nine hours, and Perth to Ningaloo Reef requires at least thirteen hours.

Cataract Gorge is situated in Launceston, Tasmania

Obviously, other Tasmanian sites are closer to Hobart. It is 192 kilometers to Coles Bay, the starting location for Wineglass Bay. It takes roughly two hours and twenty minutes and 202 kilometers to reach Launceston. And Devonport’s Spirit of Tasmania ferry station is just over three hours away via car.