What is double cream in Australia?

What is double cream in Australia – In Australia, double cream is not as strictly regulated as it is in the United Kingdom. However, double cream typically contains between 48 and 66% milk fat. Double cream is occasionally available in Australian stores, however it is more of a British product.

Double cream is a legally defined phrase in the United Kingdom. To qualify as double cream, a product must contain at least 48 percent milk fat. Other creams also possess limitations. For instance, clotted cream must have at least 55 percent milk fat.

Milk fat levels of double cream in Australia

Double cream in Australia contains almost the same amount of milk fat as single cream, however it is less prevalent. It’s available in supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles, but it’s important to check the label. In Australia, there is no legal definition of what can be labeled “double cream.”

When double cream is available, it often contains more milk fat than in the United Kingdom. Occasionally it exceeds the 60% threshold.

What complicates issues in Australia is the availability of both thickened cream and heavy cream. These are essentially same. In Australia, thickened cream or heavy cream is essentially a single cream to which a thickening ingredient has been added. Here, gelatine is the typical thickening agent.

Check the labels!

Due to the fact that cream labeling is practically a free-for-all, it is important to read labels carefully. They may call themselves whatever they want, but they must disclose the milk fat percentage.

The double cream could include between 48% and 66% milk fat. It’s a significant difference, and individuals with particular tastes could be in for a significant letdown. Therefore, the majority of Australians who enjoy double cream will have a particular brand, rather than randomly selecting a tub from the shop shelf.